In order to give you a global impression about the possibilities of our Company, we here present some projects that were realised or are being realised actually by Mos Grondwatertechniek or Mos Grondwatertechniek International:

Groundwater dewatering and recharge Escravos project, Nigeria

Dewatering at the Chevron Refinery in the Escravos estuary near Warri in Nigeria was an impressive dewatering with recharge. Purpose was to fasten-up settlement on behalf of a new Gas-to-Liquid plant.
We regard drilling and dewatering in delta-areas as our core-business. The experience, gained with this kind of work in our home country provides us with the knowledge, needed to succesfull complete these kind of works elsewhere in the world.

Dewatering Klaverblad Mine, Surinam

Klaverblad Mine is an ongoing dewatering project for open-cast bauxite mining in Surinam. This project is expected to continue until the end of 2010.

Drilling at Klaverblad Mine, Surinam

During 2007, two drilling rigs were engaged in drilling for exploration of the bauxite and preparation of blastholes in the Klaverblad Mine in Surinam.

Dewatering Caramacca Mine, Surinam

Caramacca Mine is a smaller Bauxite Mine in the Surinam Commewijne district. For dewatering, a combination of deepwell dewatering and wellpoints was chosen.

Energy storage Cap-Gemini, Utrecht (NL)

This project is an example of a succesful ATES-project (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage). It was completed in 2003 and it has been succesfully operational since.

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