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Fire fighting wells

Almost everywhere it is possible to pump up sufficient groundwater to fight a fire. This application is callled a fire fighting well.

Groundwater has several advantages: The first one is, that the water is available at the same temperature in summer and in winter (about 10°C in the Netherlands). This goes also in periods where the outside temperature is below zero!
Then, a deepwell can supply groundwater at identical discharge rate during an unlimited period.
Another advantage is, that a fire fighting well only takes very little space; it is also possible to finish the well completely under groundlevel.

Fire fighting wells can be finished with or without submersible pump in the well. Normally, these details are established in consultation with the local fire department.

You can contact us to get a proposal for a design, adapted to your demands and circumstances.

It is a reassuring idea to know that sufficient water is at hand when the fire breaks out. This is an advantage that will be acknowledged by your fire insurance company and there is good possibility that the level of your insurance premium goes down with good provisions.

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