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ExactFlow control

ExactFlow is the name of a method of control, developed by our company, to use control engineering to guard, control, monitor and tune a dewatering installation via a (wireless) GSM-connection.

With an Exactlow-system, all dewatering pumps are connected to a special switchboard. Apart from normal electric functions, this switchboard contains also a control unit and also a possibility to control one or more pumps by frequency modulation.

As the control unit gets its information from electronic water pressure meters in piezometers and electronic flow meters, this system is able to modulate the pump(s) in such way that a desired water level is being maintained with high accuracy (regardless e.g. tidal influences).

When it is not possible to achieve a required result by frequency modulation alone, a spare pump will start up automatically. A SMS-message can be sent, when the water reaches a a programmed alarm level or when the discarge rate is too low or too high.

Details about water levels, discharged amounts and other particulars are saved and transmitted to our office automatically once per day via a wireless GSM-connection. Adjustment of values can also take place via this GSM-connection.

All together, the ExactFlow system, that is being used since 1997, is an excellent system for regulation and safeguarding dewatering systems and registration of dewatering results.

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