Groundwater dewatering

Groundwater dewatering comprises various methods to lower the ground water table by pumping ground water out of the subsoil. Dependent on the type of filter screens and pumps used, this can be done by deepwell dewatering, wellpoint dewatering or horizontal dewatering. ExactFlow is the name of a method, developed by our Company, to monitor, guard and control a dewatering installation, via a GSM-modemconnection.

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ExactFlow control

ExactFlow is the name of a control system, developed in our company in order to control the operation of pumps that are used in a dewatering.
The control unit gathers information from water levels in piezometers and water flows in water gauges. This information is used to modulate the pumps. Required water levels are maintained with high accuracy and pumps are switched on and off when necessary.
Communication with the control unit takes place via a GSM-connection and data is transmitted to our office and stored for reporting purposes.

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Water wells

Ground water has many applications. It is always at hand (right below you!) and has a constant temperature during summer and winter.
We do not only know the technical possibilities of groundwater, but we also know about governmental rules, that nowadays often restricts the use of it.

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Geothermal storage

Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) is undoubtedly the most recent form of groundwater use.
The principle is, that the cold, free available in wintertime, is being stored in the subsoil for use in summer time. On the other hand, high temperatures during summer time are used to warm up groundwater in order to preserve this energy for the wintertime.
This method, that is strongly promoted by the Dutch Government, gives a good help to meet environmental objectives.
No wonder that this application is subject to an increasing use.

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Fire fighting wells

Water is the most obvious medium to extinguish a fire. But it is needed at hand. And it must be available at all times; also in winter when temperatures are below zero. And reliable and uninterrupted supply is a must.
Use of groundwater meets al these demands. This is the reason why fire fighting wells form an ideal solution!

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