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Mos Groundwatertechnology

It is already more than 100 years that we deal with groundwater.

Groundwater, that can be very useful. To drink. To cool. Or to fight a fire.
But also for storage of the cold from winter, to regain it in summer (seasonal thermal energy storage). Or the other way around, if that is what you need.
Or both of them with a combined system.

But groundwater, that can also be annoying. When excavating under groundwater level and groundwater comes flowing in. Causing slopes to collapse. Or causing heaving the bottom of an excavation, even resulting in an flowing water well from uncontrolled waterpressure at deeper level. All these problems can usually be managed by using a dewatering system.

These are all possibilities that are often considered to be difficult to use. To predict. To foresee for all possibilities and risks.
Because groundwater is a specialism, mastered by not many people.
But we have the know-how and we have the experience. More than 100 years already (youtube: the early days).

That is, why our company is called Mos Grondwatertechniek. This is Dutch for: Mos Groundwater Technology.
Because we know about groundwater control en dewatering.

How to catch it

How to use it

And how to infiltrate it again!

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